A brief introduction to how to clean feather pillows


  A down pillow is a very light pillow, generally only one-third the weight of a cotton pillow. In addition, down pillows are very warm. In very cold winter, many people choose to use light down pillows. It has three-dimensional down and contains a lot of air, which can well block the invasion of cold air. So how should the down pillow be cleaned? The editor of the down factory below will introduce it in detail.

  1. Take off the pillow case. If the pillow has a protective cover (a zippered and padded pillow case), take it off as well.

  2. Check the pillow for any holes or tears.

Remember to check the stitches. If there are holes or tears, sew them up.

  3. Place two pillows in the washing machine to ensure even weight distribution in the washing machine.

[1] If you can't fit the pillow into the laundry tub, first squeeze the air out of the pillow. [2] Try not to use a pulsator washing machine, because turning the pulsator of the laundry may damage the pillow. If you don't have a front-loading washing machine at home, consider a laundromat.

There should be a front load washing machine for your use.

  If only a top-loading washing machine is available, store the pillow vertically, not horizontally. This way the pillow won't get caught in the pulsator.

  4. Pour the low-foaming detergent into the detergent box. Use less detergent than usual for laundry so that it doesn't build up and remain on the pillow. Try to use liquid laundry detergent instead of powdered laundry detergent.

Laundry powder is more likely to accumulate and remain, which can irritate the skin and cause allergies. The pillows were bulky and difficult to rinse off. Less detergent is used, less residue is left, and there is no need to rinse too many times.

  5. Set the washing machine to the "gentle washing" program. Use hot water whenever possible, as this will help kill dust mites that may be hiding in the pillow. However, hot water can also damage down.

If you are concerned about this, use warm or cold water.

  6. Consider running the rinse and spin cycle one more time to remove residual detergent and excess water.


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