• La Nina in 2020! The impact has begun. Is this winter "particularly cold"? La Nina in 2020! The impact has begun. Is this winter "particularly cold"?
    Confirm! La Nina phenomenon has been formed in 2020, and the US Climate Prediction Center has issued an authoritative statement, which means that global climate change may be further strengthened. Of course, the formation of La Nina phenomenon will only have a certain degree of impact on China. Different, so you should be prepared. This is also a new natural phenomenon after the weak El Nino in 2020. The formation of La Nina will bring a cooling signal, which is a common phenomenon.Of course, although the La Nina phenomenon has a cooling effect, it does not mean that the earth will experience a "severe" major cooling situation, because today's global warming may be far greater than the La Nina cooling degree, so 2020 may still be the hottest year on record.NOAA confirmed the presence of LaNi ó aAccording to the new public data released by NOAA in September, the La Nina phenomenon actually occurred in August, which is expected to last for the whole winter with a 75% probability, so this winter will be one of the main periods in September. La Nina phenomenon. According to the monitoring data of Ni ﹣ o3.4 sea surface temperature anomalies in recent months, they have reached the average value, and the lowest limit value of - 0.6 ° C appeared in the data collected in August, although this is not the only standard. However, the comprehensive data has reached the long-term average value from 1986 to 2015.At the same time, according to most dynamic computer models, the sea surface temperature will remain below - 0.5 ° C La Nina threshold throughout the winter. As a result, NOAA releases a 75% probability in winter. Under the influence of La Nina phenomenon, the change of Pacific atmospheric circulation will continue to affect global weather and climate phenomena. Although El Nino can also have an impact, the two are opposite. Yes. At the same time, the La Nina phenomenon may also cause more than average rainfall in Indonesia, cool and humid weather in southern Africa, drier weather in Southeast China and other impacts.What has been the impact of La Nina?Now the most serious possibility is the United States, so its influence has begun. According to the information released by the U.S. Meteorological Center, the current fire in the United States may last until November or even December after the formation of La Nina. At the same time, Ryan truchelut, President of weather tiger LLC, also said that this exacerbated the existing high temperature and drought problems. As a result, high temperatures, droughts, wildfires and other problems in the United States today are "by-products" of the La Nina phenomenon. California fire in the United States has become the worst wildfire season in history. For the first time, 2.5 million acres of land were engulfed by fire.At the same time, storms continue in the ocean, a case in point of Hurricane David Lara. At the same time, the following conditions may also lead to colder winters in the northern United States, resulting in floods in northern Australia and increased precipitation in Indonesia and Brazil in the three southern states. Of course, the latest data from NASA shows that in early September 2020, temperatures in the southwestern United States were actually monitored at extreme temperatures of 45 degrees. This is very frightening, because the United States has never had such a high temperature as it is now, and it has appeared in 2020.Therefore, it can be said clearly that the La Nina phenomenon has formed and its influence on the United States has already appeared. Of course, this means that the impact on our country will continue to increase. We need to pay attention to weather changes on land and across the Northwest Pacific. This kind of situation, today's typhoon embryo emerges endlessly, may also be related to this. Of course, we are here to focus on the possible impact of this winter.In 2020, the climate is likely to change dramatically. What impact will La Nina phenomenon have on China?As long as we talk about La Nina, everyone can think directly of the ice and snow climate in 2008. It can be said that a large area of our country had a lot of snow in 2008, and the current La Ni La phenomenon is based on the index. Look, it's weak, but the probability will continue to increase. After all, the temperature in August was - 0.6 ° C. Judging from today's latest Ni? O3.4 values, it continues. After the decrease, it is directly close to - 0.8 ° C, so the intensity of La Nina phenomenon may increase.Of course, this means that the influence of La Nina phenomenon may also increase. According to the general situation of "La Nina year", it is easy to make the winter climate of our country colder, and it is easy to have cold winter. Therefore, we need to be prepared in advance, but from the perspective of global warming, the possibility of reversing warm winter is still relatively small, that is to say, the possibility of warm winter is still greater, so everyone should always pay attention to the development of La Nina phenomenon. It's still falling, equivalent to an enhanced signal.The World Meteorological Organization also said that even if the La Nina phenomenon formed, it is unlikely to reverse global warming, so this year may still be the hottest year in history. Of course, it may still be too hot for our country, so we have said that a warm winter is more likely. This is through climate change.Due to various factors in the climate, it is impossible to determine whether there will be a cold winter or a warm winter. So far, it can be said that no country in the world can accurately tell whether a country is cold or warm. Don't get me wrong. From this year's trend, the possibility of warm winter will be greater, and there will be no particularly cold weather. Reference oriented.
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