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Down is the world's warmest filling material, made of animal protein, natural and light. Therefore, duvet has become the preferred bedding of consumers. The penetration rate of duvets in Europe and the United States has reached 60%, the utilization rate of foreign luxury five-star hotels has reached more than 80%, and the penetration rate in Japan has exceeded 100% (1.3 duvets per capita). It can be seen that duvets have become the first choice for high-quality sleep. sign.

Many low-quality duvets on the market use crushed down as shoddy. Not only do they not have good warmth retention and air permeability, but also due to the lack of high-temperature disinfection procedures, they are prone to odor and germs, which may cause disease. How dare you cover them every day? Are you asleep?
How to choose a high-quality duvet? 【Chuang Yu Down】Tell you four secrets.
【Secret 1】Fillness and quilt 32℃
Bulkiness is an important indicator for measuring the warmth of down in the world. It refers to the value of cubic inches of volume per ounce (30 grams) of down under certain conditions. The higher the bulkiness of down, it means that the down with the same amount of down filling can hold a larger volume of air layer to keep warm and insulated, so the warmth retention of down is better.

When choosing, the larger the duvet with the same weight, the higher the fluffiness and the better the quality! Now the common duvets on the market have a loft of 500-600, but Chuangyu's "Golden Duvet" has a loft of 800.
High-quality sleep can eliminate fatigue throughout the day and make people energetic. So, what temperature is the most comfortable to sleep in? Come with me to understand the secret of 32°C!
To ensure high-quality sleep, in addition to paying attention to the influence of the general environment, more attention should be paid to the microenvironment in the space formed by the human body and quilts, mattresses, pillow cores and other bedding during sleep, which can also be commonly understood as the bed temperature.

Excessive temperature in the bed will cause the body to sweat excessively, causing body water loss and breeding of mites! If it is too low, it will cause the body's self-protection, which will interfere with normal sleep and reduce sleep quality!
In order to improve the quality of sleep, Chuang Yu did a test experiment: 40X40CM quilt grids were sewn with fabric, filled with 9.6g, 24g, and 42.4g 3 quilt grids respectively (the down is 800 fill), and sent to Guangzhou Fiber Inspection Institute Test and get the following picture:
in conclusion:
1. As the amount of down filling increases, the Cro value and thermal resistance value increase, that is, the better the warmth retention.
2. After reaching a certain value, the grams of cashmere filling increases, but the Cro value and thermal resistance values ​​do not change much.
After repeated tests, the best filling amount comparison table for duvets is as follows:
According to the experimental results obtained, Chuangyu produces duvets according to the standards that meet the needs of consumers in different regions, so that consumers can enjoy high-quality and comfortable sleep with 800 fill degrees and 32°C.

For 30 years, we have only focused on making a duvet, presenting the best quality to everyone.
【Secret 2】Dust and Health
One-third of life is spent on sleep. High-quality sleep is very important to everyone. A comfortable sleep keeps people away from fatigue and keeps them energetic every day. With the improvement of the quality of life, light and comfortable duvets have entered thousands of households, and the popularity rate is getting higher and higher.

However, there are more and more low-quality duvets on the market today. Some unscrupulous merchants smashed feathers to pretend to be down.
The picture shows the dust of poor-quality duvet
Dust is extremely harmful and can enter the respiratory tract with the human body. Part of the dust entering the respiratory tract enters the alveoli and is also deposited in the respiratory tract from the nasal cavity to the alveoli, which can easily cause cough, asthma, respiratory tract infection and other diseases. The quilt is an item that is used next to the body. If the duvet is covered with dust for a long time, it will do great harm to personal health.

So how to tell whether there is dust in the duvet? When consumers buy duvets, they can pat the quilts in the sun and pay attention to whether there is dust flying out, especially where the stitches are.
In order to solve the dust problem, after 30 years of development and innovation, Chuangyu has made a major breakthrough in technology. It has 30 down washing processes. It takes 800 tons of water to wash one ton of down. The unique green and environmental protection washing and disinfection technology can withstand high temperature at 130°C for 12 minutes. Anti-virus, the cleanliness of the produced down is as high as 1000mm (national standard 450mm), and the down with such a high cleanliness is almost zero dust.
In order to allow everyone to see the dust phenomenon of down more intuitively, we specially use a dust instrument to detect the dust phenomenon of the innovative down and the down on the market, and take pictures with a high-definition camera.

(The picture on the left is Chuangyu 95% white duck down, and the picture on the right is 95% white duck down on the market)
[Secret 3] fleece and flying silk, feather silk
Run down, this is the most common problem with duvets, some run down is more serious, every day it feels like getting out of a chicken coop. The fleece is mainly related to two factors. The first is the fabric. Due to the insufficient density of the fabric, the fleece-proof effect is poor and the fleece is easy to run. But the most important reason is the quality of the down. Inferior down is mixed with a lot of feather silk and flying silk, and even the most dense and anti-down fabric will run down.

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