An important indicator to measure the quality of down - bulkiness



What is fill?

Loft refers to the value in cubic inches of volume per ounce (30 grams) of down under certain conditions. If the space occupied by one ounce of down is 500 cubic inches, the filling degree of the down is said to be 500. So we can simply understand it as:Loft is the volume of the down, and the volume of the down is the fill.

The higher the bulkiness, the better the down quality

The higher the bulkiness of down, it means that the down with the same amount of down filling can fix a larger volume of air layer to keep warm and insulated, so the warmth retention of down is better.

In September 2016, the "Down Grading Standard" formulated by the China Down Industry Association was officially implemented. The "Standard" puts forward higher requirements for the bulkiness of down on the basis that the down and its products meet the current national or industry standards. Down is divided into five grades from "A" to "AAAAA".

The standard requires that the level of bulkiness be reflected on the product certification tag and washing label, so that enterprises can link the quality and grade value of down products, and it is convenient for consumers to choose different grades of down products.

Conversion with international commonly used measurement units

▼Fillness selection reference▼


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