Briefly talk about the difference between goose down and duck down


  In recent years, high-end down products have become more and more sought after by people, and many down factories are also developing the market for high-quality down products. As the core key of down products, down raw materials directly affect the quality of down products. At present, goose down and duck down are the choices of most manufacturers to produce high-end down products.

Manufacturers of down products who choose down as raw materials have higher requirements for down quality.

  On the basis of an accurate understanding of the difference between goose down and duck down, it is necessary to conduct detailed research on the production technology, quality system and processing level of down raw material producers to correctly select high-quality down raw material producers.

  Goose down and duck down have the same down percentage, but the down size, fluffiness, warmth quality, strength of rebound effect and strength of smell are different.

  Goose down is larger and fuller than duck down:

  Down consists of two parts: feathers and down. Goose down and duck down take an average of flower-shaped down (down), with the other 10% filled with small feathers. Whether it is goose down or duck down, its goose down grows on the abdomen of goose and duck, which looks like a dandelion flower.

The flower-like hairs on the reeds are relatively soft and delicate hairs on their bodies.

  It takes at least 100 days for a goose to mature from birth to maturity. Ducks have a shorter growth cycle of only 40 days and a longer growth period.

Goose down also lasts longer so goose down is better than duck down. Flowers will be fuller.

  The size and fullness of the down flowers determine the loft of the down, and the loft determines the warmth of the down.

  Goose down has more volume than duck down:

  Generally speaking, fluff refers to the volume occupied by fluff under a certain weight. This is an important indicator to measure the warmth retention of down products. For down products with the same filling content of down, down with high loft can have a larger volume of air layer to keep warm and insulate.

Down products with high loft are not only good for warmth, but also light in weight and close to the body.

  The bulky volume of goose down and duck down is not only affected by the size of goose down flowers, but also due to the difference in the biological structure of goose down and goose down. Both goose down and eider duck down have diamond-shaped knots distributed along the feather branches.

There are more diamond-shaped knots than descending distributions. The distance between them is longer than duck down. At the same time, the diamond-shaped knots of goose down are smaller than those of duck down, so goose down can generate a larger distance space and have a larger air layer volume, so the fluffiness is better.

  Because goose down is thinner and softer than duck down, it also has better curvature than duck down, so goose down has better elasticity and stronger resilience, which also makes goose down more fluffy than duck down and has better warmth retention.

  Goose down smells less than duck down:

  Regardless of whether it is goose down or duck down, due to the characteristics of poultry, duck down itself will inevitably have some odor. According to the test, the main components of the odor are carboxylic acid compounds and ester compounds.

  The proteins in down can also give off an unpleasant smell when fermented in high humidity. The bad smell contains sulfur, nitrogen and ammonia compounds. The breeding cycle of geese is longer than that of ducks, so the maturity of geese is higher.

Goose down has less protein than duck down and has less fermentation products, so it has less odor.

  In addition, ducks are omnivorous poultry. In addition to plants, they also eat insects and fish in the water, so duck down contains a lot of oil.

Goose mainly eats aquatic plants and weeds, so there is less fat in goose down, which is caused by oil secretion. Goose down will have less odor than duck down.

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