Development Situation of Down Products Industry



Down furniture and clothing are gradually accepted by consumers in severe cold regions at home and abroad. Although some markets have slowed or even declined due to the impact of influenza, the overall market demand has not changed much. From a long-term perspective, The demand in the international market is still very hot. As a labor-intensive industry, the advantages of my country's export enterprises rely on the down products industry.

  In recent years, with the steady growth of the export of down products in my country year by year, many countries and regions have gradually tightened the quality requirements for down products, and the export of down products in China has been restricted to a certain extent by more and more standards. Moreover, it also highlights the structural contradictions of products, and high value-added products still need a certain amount of development. The style, color and fabric of down clothing are still quite serious. In terms of mass fashion and high-end markets, the structural deficiency of down clothing in my country is still obvious.

  In addition to the high-end market to be occupied, according to the different needs of consumers, the mass market of down clothing should increase innovation according to grade, age and regional temperature, with brand enterprises as the main body according to fashion, leisure, sports and functions Innovate and develop according to the trend of globalization, in terms of improving fashion and functional selling points, in terms of diversification of fabrics, colors, filling materials, etc., as well as in terms of adapting to fashion trends and climate changes, making products lighter and thinner, and waterproof , anti-wrinkle, environmental protection, breathable and other characteristics, the use of high-tech fabrics makes the application of new technologies promote the innovation level of down clothing products, and Chinese enterprises will also show their talents. To further meet the needs of overseas consumers for the production of diversified and high value-added products will also provide a broader development prospect for export enterprises of down products.


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