Do duvets smell bad when used?


Down that has undergone high-end cleaning treatment is basically odorless!

Down is a natural product, and it can be used as bedding filler only after countless times of cleaning, sterilization, and mite removal. After putting it in the packaging bag, after a long period of transportation, some slight smell is normal. As long as you open it and put it in a ventilated place, you will soon find that this high-end processed product of nature does not have any peculiar smell.

Generally, our goose down products are odorless compared to duck down.

The entire manufacturing process of down bedding products, including testing, washing, drying, sorting, mixing, filling, sewing and packaging, etc. is completed in its own clean factory. Experimental tests are carried out and only tested and certified raw materials are used as fillers.

Whether the down is clean or not is mainly determined by these three indicators: cleanliness, oxygen consumption, and residual fat rate.

Cleanliness refers to the cleanliness of raw materials. Using our own deep well water, after more than 8 times of washing, the water ratio is as high as 40:1, that is, at least 32,000 liters of water are used to wash 100 kg of down, and only environmentally friendly detergents that do not contain harmful substances are used throughout the process. After the cleaning is completed, pour the water that has washed the raw materials for the last time into the long cylinder to check the cleanliness. The raw materials with higher cleanliness are cleaned more cleanly, even up to drinking water level.

Oxygen consumption refers to how much oxygen is needed to oxidize the residue in the down. The chemical properties of down itself are relatively stable, and it is not easy to be oxidized under normal circumstances, but the organic and inorganic reducing substances contained in it are not, and the chemical activity is much stronger. In humid and hot environments, they create an environment that is conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms, causing qualitative changes in feathers and down, so the lower the oxygen consumption index, the better.

Down itself has high residual fat attached, so it is very important to have the most suitable amount of fat. If the oil content is too high, it may cause unpleasant odors. When the amount of oil is too low, the pile tends to separate and loses its durability and loft.

All of our products have passed the oil content test to ensure that the down material contains a low level and just the right amount of fat, and will not produce unpleasant odors.


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