Down, how much do you know?


In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and consumption levels, down products such as down jackets and duvets have gradually become indispensable household products for residents, but how many people really know about down. Today you come to introduce to you.

Feather Down: A general term for the down and feathers that grow on waterfowl animals.

where the nominal value is“Down content”Greater than or equal to 50% is called“Down”, otherwise called“feather”. Common types are goose down and duck down.



Three main indicators of down and its products

Bulkiness: Refers to the volume occupied by a certain amount of down and feather samples under a specified pressure in a container of a certain diameter. It is an important indicator to measure the quality and warmth of down.

Theoretically, the higher the bulkiness of down, the better the thermal performance. However, too high bulkiness is the same as too high down content, and the support ability of the down itself is weak. As the number of times of compression and carrying increases and the number of washings increases, the bulkiness of the down is likely to decrease and weaken, and humidity will also reduce the down quality. of bulkiness. When the bulkiness of down is reduced, the thermal performance is also reduced due to the reduction of trapped air.

Down content: The down content is the key to keeping a down jacket warm, but the higher the better. The support performance of down with too high down content is not strong enough. With the increase of the number of times of compression and carrying and the increase of washing times, the compression resilience of down will be weakened, and the bulkiness of down will also decrease accordingly. If it is reduced, the thermal performance will also be reduced.

Down filling: refers to the weight of a down jacket or duvet filled with down.

Theoretically speaking, the more down filling, the warmer it will be. However, the weight of down jackets and duvets ≠ the amount of down filling, you must clearly identify when purchasing.


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