Down manufacturers teach you how to customize duvets


  As for the custom-made down quilt, I believe that too many people have such needs. Can’t you just buy it? Why do you have to customize it? This is not based on your favorite color, quilt material, and down core. Down manufacturers will explain to you today how to choose a good duvet.

  The current era is the era of the Internet, which makes communication more convenient and saves costs. It has become easy for duvet manufacturers to directly sell to the public, and the current market has changed from production-driven consumption to consumption-driven production. Many down jacket manufacturers will arrange production according to market demand, achieve high-speed and convenient communication with the market, reduce intermediate links, and directly customize the clothes that customers need.

  It is also necessary to remind consumers that whether it is a company that customizes semi-finished duvet shells or purchases down jackets, they must check whether they have the following information: factory name, address, content and composition of the inner material, washing label, down filling quantity label, quality level etc.

  Down manufacturers point out that duvet maintenance taboos

  1. Do not dry-clean, because the perchlorethylene solution will destroy the protein in the down and affect the thermal performance, and the drying process will make the fabric aging.

  2. Alkaline detergent cannot be used to wash the duvet. Generally, the duvet does not need to be washed with water. It should be washed once every two years. Alkaline detergent should not be used during cleaning, so as to avoid excessive degreasing and brittle down of the down.

  3. Ironing is prohibited. The correct washing method for duvets should be hand washing, using neutral detergent, and lightly brushing with a soft brush, and it is partly washed, not all washed. After cleaning, put it in a cool place to dry flat, do not use an iron to dry it, even if the fabric becomes wrinkled, it cannot be ironed.


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