Down manufacturers teach you how to identify down


In deep winter, down jackets are the first choice for going out, no matter in the relatively warm south or the freezing north. As the styles of down jackets gradually become fashionable, the demand for down jackets in the market is also increasing year by year. Garment factories that produce high-quality down jackets have also begun to have corresponding indicators for the procurement of down raw materials. The indicators involve the purity, bulkiness, and presence or absence of peculiar smell of down jackets. So how to identify whether these down materials are good or bad? Down manufacturer Down teaches you to identify down raw materials.

1. White duck down and gray duck down

Gray duck down and white duck down are actually the same. The only difference between the two lies in the color. The quality of down does not lie in the color, but depends on the density of the internal structure of the down and the fineness of the down fiber. From this point of view, gray duck down It is not much different from white duck down.

Under the premise of the same down content and down filling, there is not much difference in bulkiness and comfort between the two. From my personal point of view, the warmth retention of gray duck down is actually slightly better than that of white duck down.

2. Fluffiness

The bulkiness is an important index to measure the warmth retention of down in the world. The higher the bulkiness of the down, it means that the down with the same amount of down filling can fix a larger volume of air layer to keep warm and insulate, and the warmth retention of the down is better. . This is a more important indicator than the down content. Down jackets with high bulkiness not only have good thermal performance, but also are light and close-fitting, and can incorporate more design elements. This is an important development trend for many garment factories to purchase.

The editor thinks that the bulkiness of goose down is better than that of duck down. For the same type of down, the higher the down content, the higher the bulkiness.

3. Is there any peculiar smell

Down processed through strict procedures has no peculiar smell, and down has strictly implemented six major production processes: high-temperature washing-detergent disinfection—deodorant—high temperature drying—cool down—In addition to iron, in fact, the production of high-quality down jackets cannot be based on cheap raw materials. If the down used as clothing filling materials has not been sterilized by high temperature, it will have peculiar smell and may contain germs, which will bring unnecessary troubles to clothing manufacturers. trouble.


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