Down manufacturers teach you to customize fit down jackets


  In this cold winter, thick clothes can't resist the harsh winter wind, so you need a down jacket to help you survive this cold winter, but many people don't know how to match a down jacket. I always feel that wearing a down jacket will make you look very bloated. The following down manufacturers will show you the correct matching skills for customizing down jackets.

  Long and short options for custom down jackets

  Choose the length of down jacket that suits you.

Although in the autumn and winter fashion shows, many models wear down jackets that are longer than the knees, but in fact, editors do not recommend men to choose such long down jackets. Because the down itself is thick and heavy, if you choose a length longer than knee length, it will hinder your body from flexing. Therefore, if you don't know how long to choose, just choose a down jacket with short sleeves and long length.

  If some men have thick thighs and you don't like them, you can choose a slightly longer down jacket, but remember that it should not exceed the knee length. In addition, when matching men's down jackets, please remember that if your down jacket is loose, you must choose tighter pants when choosing the bottom.

  Selection of tightness for custom-made down jackets

  If it is a tight down jacket, you can choose some loose pants as bottoms.

But remember not to relax your upper body, nor your lower body. In addition, choosing some bright and outstanding colors in down jackets is not suitable for down jackets, because men should remember that this is not summer, and there is no need to be too enthusiastic and unrestrained. No matter how you style it, everything has to be comfortable.

Mainly this is the original intention of a garment. Therefore, learn to choose a down jacket so that you will be outstanding and fashionable in winter.


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