Down test method - bulkiness


The bulkiness is an important reference index to measure the warmth retention of down. Under the same down filling condition, the higher the bulkiness, the down can lock a larger volume of air layer to keep warm and insulate. Jun will introduce several bulkiness detection methods for you.

GB/T10288-2003 "Inspection method for down and feather"

Weigh 28.4g of the fluffed sample, shake it into the fluffing instrument, stir it evenly with a glass rod and spread it evenly, cover it with a metal pressure plate, let the pressure plate gently press on the sample and let it fall naturally, and stand still for 1min after the decline stops. Record the scales on both sides of the cylinder wall.

Repeat the test for the same sample three times, and take the six average values ​​of the three results as the final result, retaining two decimal places. The standard also stipulates that the conversion constant between the unit of bulkiness and cubic inches is 28.77. Example: The reading on the fill meter is 450in³, equivalent to a height of 15.64cm.

IDFB: Volume determination in 2006 "International Down and Feather Bureau Official Analysis Method"——Tumbling Drying Reduction Method and Steam Reduction Method

Although the rolling drying reduction method and the steam reduction method are different in the pretreatment, the test operation process after the pretreatment is the same, that is, put 30g of the sample into the measuring barrel and blow it loose with the blower for 5s. Before the first measurement, it needs to blow 2 times continuously, and before the next 4 measurements, it needs to blow once respectively. When the start button is pressed, the weight plate will move down at a predetermined speed (0.54m/min).

When the pressure plate touches the sample in the measuring cylinder, due to the reaction force of the sample, its descending speed is reduced to less than 0.3m/min. At the same time, the loading time (1min) starts, and the test value will be continuously displayed. The measured value after the loading time is printed out.

The sample is tested 5 times, and the calculation results can be used in kg, cm³/g means

The bulkiness of down has an important relationship with the thermal performance of down products.

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