Down, what is the difference between imported and domestic


Down market prices are very chaotic, there are all kinds of prices, even under the same standard, there are various prices, and some of them are quite different. Many customers ask you whether it is because of imported down and domestic down?

1. The GB/T 14272-2011 standard has been applied in recent years. Most manufacturers take advantage of the gaps in the standard. The market supervision is not strong enough. The quality inspection agency is not professional. There is very little down, causing speculative manufacturers to speculate on imported down.

2. China is a big country in the world's down industry. 85% of the down is produced in China, and a lot of down is exported from China to Japan and Taiwan, and then exported from Japan and Taiwan to the rest of the world.

Some of the down is then imported back to China. Therefore, most of the so-called imported down is also produced in China. For example, the raw materials of Southeast Asian countries are re-imported back to mainland China through Vietnam.

3. To process down with good quality, the raw materials must be fresh.“golden 6 hours”It means that it takes only 6 hours for the down from duck (goose) to be slaughtered and depilated to be made into finished down. Only this kind of down can be of first-class quality, with less down silk and down, and high fluffiness. Not to mention the origin of these down, the imported raw materials have been stored for a long time, compressed and transported, coupled with climate change, the processed down has a lot of down and feather silk, and the quality is not good.

4. The duck (goose) down in the world is obtained from the duck (goose) that has grown for a certain period of time. There is no distinction between national boundaries. Good raw materials are good raw materials wherever they are produced, but good raw materials must be processed and processed in time. Only with technical processing can we make good quality down.

This issue was also mentioned at the 23rd China-Japan-Taiwan Tripartite Feather Industry Exchange Symposium.


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