Down wholesale manufacturers tell you how to choose the right down jacket custom factory


Customized down jacket manufacturers are much cheaper than buying in specialty stores, especially for wholesale down jackets in large quantities, the price can be saved by more than 50%, and clothing materials can be selected individually, which is much cheaper than a complete set, but the choice of processing requires an understanding of basic materials and There are many wholesale clothing manufacturers of conceptual white duck down, but it is not easy to find a suitable down jacket. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right down jacket.

Not every down jacket is suitable for all climates.

In winter, the coastal cities are more humid and mild, while the western regions are drier and colder. The selected down jacket is suitable for the climate of a particular region. Down jackets usually have extra lengths of insulation to protect our body from the cold.

Down jacket for winter. These down jackets are designed to keep the body warm with enough insulation. They can be worn as a single piece in any winter conditions.

It has the necessary functions to handle all the weather elements you may encounter in winter, including rain, snow, cold wind and more.

In order to choose a good fit, you need to know the type of activity you're using, whether it's commuting, commuting, or outdoor sportswear. If outdoor sports such as mountaineering down jackets are the style to look for, these will include more technical features such as a helmet-compatible hood, better ventilation, indented zippers for high-intensity activities, and generally technical down jackets than Casual down lighter jacket that is packable and packable.

Provides a great degree of protection for wet and cold winters. In most cases, a waterproof outer layer is used, suitable as an adequate layering system for the top layer. White duck down processing technology down jackets will have special features that are critical to weight and packaging.

Casual seasonal down jackets will be more fashionable and have more comfort features such as larger shells, fur trim and lining, not necessarily the features required for these outdoor clothing, nor suitable for high-intensity activities

The key function of a down jacket is warmth, and when choosing a down jacket, keep in mind that special insulation is not suitable for wet environments, such as dry, cold climates, in order to realize its full potential and protect it from the elements. As a result, down clumps and loses a lot of its insulating properties and volume when it gets wet. In most cases, down jackets must be professionally dry cleaned using a suitable dryer to restore their original shape and restore their loft.

How you clean is also important. Poor quality down will shrink and deform after washing.


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