Down wholesale manufacturers tell you the difference between down and white duck down


Duck down and down are different in covering, filling and warmth retention. Included in Different Ranges Down is an animal protein fiber that grows on the belly of geese and ducks. Duck down is the feathers that grow on the belly of ducks, and the down contains duck down.

Wider coverage than duck down.

The fillings of different types of down mainly include goose down, duck down and goose and duck mixed down, and the filling of duck down is mainly duck down. Down processing goesose down with different thermal performance, which has large tufts, small handles, good quality, sufficient elasticity, strong warmth retention, and higher porosity than duck down.

Tufted duck and down are not as good as goose down, but they are of high quality, stretchy and provide warmth.

Maintenance precautions for down jackets, do not dry clean the inside of the down jacket, there is a small label with maintenance and cleaning instructions. Careful people will find that 90% of down jackets are marked with hand wash, and dry cleaning is not allowed, because the liquid medicine used for dry cleaning will affect the warmth retention and age the fabric.

Machine-washed and dried down jackets are likely to cause uneven filling thickness, deform the clothes, and affect the appearance and warmth retention.

Rinse at 100°C. The down manufacturer soaks the down jacket in cold water for 20 minutes to keep the inside and outside of the down jacket moist. Dissolve the detergent in warm water at 30 degrees, soak the down jacket for a quarter of an hour, and then gently scrub it with a soft brush.

It can also be rinsed with warm water, which can help the detergent to fully dissolve in the water, so that the down jacket can be rinsed cleaner. The concentration of washing powder should not be too high. If you must wash down jackets with laundry detergent, usually put 4 to 5 tablespoons of water in two washbasins.

The powder is just right, if the concentration is too high, it will be difficult to rinse off. The washing powder left in the down will affect the looseness of the down and greatly reduce the warmth retention.

Use neutral detergents as much as possible.

Neutral detergents are less damaging to fabrics and down. Use an alkaline cleaner. If the rinsing is not clean, the residual detergent will damage the down jacket, and it is easy to leave white marks on the surface of the clothes.

Affect the appearance. In order to remove residual alkaline detergent, after rinsing twice, add two teaspoons of vinegar to warm water, soak the down jacket for a period of time, and then rinse. Vinegar neutralizes alkaline detergents.


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