Down wholesale tells you the difference between goose down and duck down


We all know that a down comforter is the lightest, warmest product on the market, but it's also a down comforter. Some are marked with duck down and some with goose down. What is the difference between the two? Why are the prices so different?

When it comes to down wholesale, we must first understand several key indicators of down, and then analyze the difference between goose down and duck down based on these indicators.

Down content

Down content refers to the amount of "down" in the down. Generally speaking, the higher the down content, the lighter the weight and the better the warmth retention. We can see it on the wash label of the duvet/clothes we buy: 80% down, 95% down, etc.

A premium down filling must be at least 90% down, while regular duvets contain 95% down.

down filling

Down filling is not a standard for Shijiazhuang down manufacturers to measure the quality of down, but it determines the value of a down jacket or down jacket, because it represents the weight of down. The higher the down filling, the more still air it can hold for the same down content, and the stronger the warmth.

Filliness of down

Loftiness is an important index to measure the warmth retention of Hebei down wholesale. The standard states that one ounce of down occupies 600 cubic inches of space, which means down has a fill power of 600.

That is, under a certain weight of down, the larger the space occupied, the better the bulkiness and the higher the warmth retention.

Why is goose down more expensive than duck down?

Greater Down: As we mentioned before, an important measure of down quality is fill. Compared with mature goose down, goose down has long filaments, large feather buds, high bulkiness and high comfort, so the quality is better and the price is relatively higher.

According to the authoritative testing data of the China Down Industry Association, goose down is generally larger than duck down, has 50% higher bulkiness than duck down, and has better thermal insulation performance.

Full-bodied down buds: Generally, the growth period for geese to maturity is at least 100 days, while that for ducks is 40 days, so the down buds of geese are more plump than those of ducks. The fewer the number of down clusters in 1 gram of down, the larger the single cluster, the higher the maturity of the down, and the lower the maturity, the shorter the growth time. Good bulkiness: goose down has smaller diamond-shaped nodes distributed on the barbs, while duck down has larger diamond-shaped nodes concentrated at the ends of small barbs, so goose down can produce more space and fluffy feeling. Better temperature and more Strong warmth.

Better resilience: Goose feathers have better curvature, are thinner and softer than duck feathers, have better elasticity and stronger resilience. The easiest way to test the elasticity: press the fluffy duvet/clothes once and release it, it will bounce back quickly and return to its original state, indicating that the down is very fluffy. No peculiar smell: Goose is herbivorous and duck is omnivorous, so the smell of goose down will be much smaller, and there is basically no peculiar smell after processing, while duck down is more or less.

Of course, if there is a pungent smell, it is the quality of the down itself. Another key quality is that goose down is more durable than duck down. Duck down can be used for about 10 years, and goose down can be used for more than 15 years.


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