How should the down jacket be cleaned after it is dirty?


  The use of down jackets is very widely used in winter. This kind of clothing with a high degree of thermal insulation is very difficult to clean due to the material. Today we will explain to you what is the cleaning after the down jacket? Let's let The editor of the down factory will introduce it to you!

  1. Wipe off local stains with a hot towel

  Every time you wash a down jacket, you will discount its service life, so wash it as little as possible. If it is just biased, wipe it with a hot towel. Generally, down jacket fabrics are not afraid of water.

Just drop a few drops of neutral laundry detergent on the dirty place, and dry it with a damp hot towel after 5 minutes.

  2. Clean without washing powder

  The poultry down in down jackets is made of protein fibers, so you should not use these strong alkaline detergents and soaps to wash them. Remember not to use enzyme laundry detergent, which will cause the clothes to become stiff after washing and drying.

You should choose a special down jacket cleaner to reduce damage.

  3. The water temperature should not be too high

  Soak the down jacket in cold water for 20 minutes to fully moisten the inside and outside of the down jacket, then mix the special detergent into warm water, and soak the down jacket in it. The water temperature should not be too high, below 30°C, which is about the same temperature as the hand.

Rinse with warm water.

  4. Don't rub and twist

  Soak the down jacket for 10 minutes and start washing. Do not rub dirty clothes with your hands, use a soft brush or an old toothbrush to brush important parts and places that are easy to ignore, and then rinse with clean water twice.

After washing, water should be squeezed out along the fabric with hands facing each other.

  The above four points are aimed at the introduction of the cleaning of down jackets, so this article is over here, thank you for reading!


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