How to choose better quality down clothing?


  Nowadays, more and more people are looking for down jackets to keep warm, but not all products from down are good. Down jackets are something that many people are interested in. There are also different types of down in down processing. How should we choose better quality down jackets? Next, the editor of the down factory will take you to see.

  Down manufacturers: how to choose down jackets?

  1. Appearance: Appearance: If the production information is complete, the manufacturer's name, down type, down quantity, down rate, fabric texture and production information should be displayed on the label.

  2. Hand feeling: if the hand is soft but the elasticity is poor, the hair should be soft and not down; if the touch is soft but only the short and thick feather stems are crushed, the use value of this type will decline.

  3. Press: Lay the down jacket flat, insert it gently and let it recover naturally to see if it can spring back quickly and return to its original shape.

If it doesn't spring back or springs back slowly, the filling is poor quality; if it's not bouncy, the trim is probably chicken feathers or other long, crushed hair rather than fluff.

  4. Rub: Rub the coat with both hands to see if there is fluff. If there is fuzz, it means the fabric is not polar resistant.

  5. Pat: Hit the down jacket vigorously to see if there is dust accumulation. If there is no dust buildup, it is a good product. If dust accumulates, it is processed products, such as shredded wool and other filling materials, which are generally not suitable for use.

  6. Weighing: manually weigh the weight of the down product, and observe its volume at the same time. The lighter weight is the best product. Down content of more than 70% is more than twice the volume of cotton of the same weight.

  7. Smell: Put your nose close to the down jacket and take a few deep breaths, then compare it with ordinary fabrics to see if there is any smell or smell. No smell is good, if there is a noticeable smell, it is not suitable for use.

  The above is all about how to choose down, thank you for your understanding and support!


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