How to deal with the smelly duvet?


Recently, some friends have reported that the duvet has a peculiar smell. What's going on? In general, goose down quilts have no smell, or have a faint smell of goose. But duck down has a fishy smell, becauseDucks are omnivores and eat small fish, shrimps, and earthworms, so they have a fishy smell.

In addition, other particularly pungent smells or particularly heavy fishy smells in duvets are unqualified products. The main reason is the use of other chemical additives, inferior raw materials or the smell caused by insufficient cleaning times of down comforters. Such quilts should be purchased with caution.

So, what should you do if the newly purchased duck or goose down quilt smells when you open it?

1. If the goose down quilt has a slight smell when it is opened, it is usually because the inner membrane bag of the quilt has been closed for a long time and the remaining smell cannot be released in time. Open it in a ventilated place to dry for 2 hours.

2. If there is a fishy smell when the eiderdown quilt is opened, you can squeeze out the original air in the quilt and fill it with new air. After repeated 2 to 3 (times/day), the smell disappears or lightens; air in a ventilated place for 1 to 2 days

If the above problems still cannot be solved, you can contact the dealer for a replacement or use the following methods to solve it.

1. Fully soak: Add washing powder or silk wool detergent into warm water at about 20 degrees Celsius, then add a few drops of perfume, and soak the duvet for 20 minutes.

2. Grab and knead in water: Squeeze a large amount of air in the duvet in the water, grasp and pinch each part of the duvet with both hands, and knead it clean. Rinse with clean water several times.

3. Dry the quilt: Use a net bag to drain the water from the duvet, dry it in the shade in a ventilated place, and then dry it; pat the quilt surface before use to distribute the down evenly.


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