How to distinguish down and down cotton


There are often consumers who do not know how to distinguish between down cotton and down, and many unscrupulous merchants use this to deceive consumers. Today, I will teach you how to distinguish between down and down cotton?

Down cotton is actually hollow cotton, but it is not real cotton, but filled with hollow polyester. Because the air is insulated, it has a certain degree of warmth. Down cotton is hollow cotton or silk floss, not real cotton, nor pure down.

Jun reminds everyone that when we buy down products, we can use the following methods to identify them.

(1)Pat method: Gently pat the clothes with your hands. The ones that are easy to inflate and fluff up are down products, and the general chemical fiber flakes are kept as they are.

(2) Illumination method: Clamp the inner and outer layers of the clothes with your hands, face one direction, and aim at the light source. The real down products can see distinct light and dark parts.

(3) Hand feeling method: Touch the clothes carefully with fingertips, and you can always feel some hard, pin-like hair pieces in real down products. In addition, touch the down with your hands through the lining or surface

, the feeling should be the same.

(4) Labeling method: Check whether there are product quality labels, test reports, etc., and whether the type, down content and filling amount of down are clearly marked on the label.

(5) Smell method: Close your nose to the down jacket and smell it carefully. If there is an obvious peculiar smell or odor, it may be filled with low-quality down. It is recommended not to buy it.

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