How to distinguish the quality of down in the market?


  There are many down manufacturers in the market. I believe that many friends are familiar with this. There are also many bedding and clothes made of down materials in the market. So do you know how we should effectively identify them? Let's let down The editor of the factory will introduce it to you!

  1. Transparency: If the cashmere content is 50%, it should be above 250 degrees; if the cashmere content is 70%, it should be above 300 degrees.

  2. Residual fat rate: below 15%.

  3. Fluffy: 350 ~ 400.

  4. Oxygen content (oxygen consumption index): below 10.

  No impurities, no peculiar smell, white as snow. The cashmere content is 50%, half of which are dandelion-shaped cashmere flowers, and the other half are 2-inch long fine wool pieces, which contain certain specifications and limited hair stalks to support the cashmere body and highlight the fluffy effect.

  Inferior down jackets are filled with leftovers from down product factories after crushing, and some are mixed with acrylic cotton and waste paper. They are not sterilized, warm and fluffy. When you touch it with your hands, sometimes there will be thick and hard stems, and sometimes you will tear or crush the velvet with a chicken, but you can't touch any stems, but if you pat it with your hands, there will be dust. This kind of pressed down clothes should agglomerate after washing, unlike pure duck down and goose down, which will bulge up again after being patted evenly.

The overall appearance of high-quality products is thick and light, with smooth hand feeling, can spring up quickly after being pressed, and has good fluffiness. Inferior goods are thin and heavy, and it is difficult to press very thin by hand, and they will recover slowly after being released. You can also place your thumb and forefinger on both sides of the down product. It feels thinner and thinner, but it is difficult to rub all the down.

If you rub it all at once, touching the inner and outer layers of the cloth, the down content is low. If you feel that there is a thick layer that cannot be rubbed, it is most likely filled with acrylic cotton.

  The above points are for how to distinguish the quality of down in the market, so this article is over here, thank you for reading!


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