How to identify down and feather


Today, Jun will continue to introduce the microscopic characteristics of down and feather. If you want to know whether the product you bought is real down, please see below.

Projector Identification of Down and Feather

1.1 Microscopic magnification of duck down barbules (80 times magnification):

There are triangular diamond nodes at the far end of the barbules at the roots of duck down and feathers, and the rhomboid nodes of duck down are relatively large, arranged in groups of three at the ends of small barbules regularly, and the distance between rhomboid nodes (nodes spacing) is shorter (shorter than the internode distance of goose down).

1.2 Microscopic magnification of goose down barbules (80 times magnification):

There are triangular diamond nodes in the middle of the barbules at the root of goose down and feathers. The rhomboid nodes of goose down are smaller and the internode distance is larger, several times the size of the rhomboid nodes. Generally, there are three groups, starting from the middle of the small barbules Appear.

2.3 Microscopic magnification of indistinguishable barbs (magnification 80 times):

The characteristic triangular rhomboids are sometimes absent on the barbules of duck and goose down.


Through Jun's introduction to down and feather, do you have a better understanding of down and feather? Here are some suggestions for manufacturers and consumers:

(1) Down jacket manufacturers are advised to carry out necessary quality inspections for the purchased down, to confirm that the purchased down must pass the inspection of down content, bulkiness, cleanliness, oxygen consumption index, odor, microorganisms and other items , After all the indicators meet the standards, the down jacket can be made to ensure the quality of the down jacket, and consumers can wear it with confidence.

(2) As a consumer, when purchasing a down jacket, it is necessary to check the down content and filling amount indicated on the label of the down jacket, because the down content and filling amount directly affect the quality of the down jacket. Loft and warmth.

When the down content of the down jacket reaches more than 70%, its bulkiness and warmth retention performance are better. At present, it is found that some down jacket tags are deliberately marked on the market“Hair content: 70%-90%”or“Duck feather content: 70%-90%”The actual cashmere content is only 10%-30%, which makes consumers mistakenly think that the cashmere content is higher, and achieves the purpose of deceiving consumers. (Note: According to the standards for down garments, the stated value of down content must not be less than 50%).


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