How to identify genuine and fake down jackets and other down products


Fake down products made of acrylic cotton plus a little down, the identification methods are:

(1) touch. This kind of down products is often covered with a layer of down in the middle of the surface, and the lining is mostly acrylic cotton. When buying, feel it carefully with your hands. If you feel some hair stems on one side, but the other side is very soft and smooth, you must consider that it may be a counterfeit product.

(2) shoot. Use both hands to pat the filling in the same direction from the same part of the inside and the surface. If it is a real down product, part of the down will be concentrated due to patting, and the other part will be transparent when exposed to sunlight. . This will not happen if it is a fake down product with acrylic cotton.

The identification methods for down products made of raw wool are as follows:

(1) smell. If the down products smell a fishy smell, it can be judged to be untreated down.

(2) shoot.

When purchasing, pat the down products with your hands. If the dust is flying or there are dust marks on the fabric, it may be down products made of raw wool.

For down products made of crushed down, the identification methods are as follows:

(1) touch. The down content of domestic down products is mostly between 50% and 70%, and the other components are mostly fine flakes (small hair stems).

If the whole down product feels very soft and you can't touch any hair stems, you should consider whether it is a down product made of crushed down.

(2) Weigh. Down jackets made of whole down feel light and fluttering in the hand.

Down products made of crushed down feel heavy.

(3) shoot. Put the fleece products flat on the counter and pat them gently with your hands.

If the bulkiness is high, it is top grade. If it dies after being shot and looks like cotton wool, it is mostly down products made of crushed down.


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