How to solve the oil stains on the down jacket?


  As a kind of clothing, down jacket has a strong function of keeping warm. I believe that many friends are familiar with down jackets. Then, do you know how to solve the oil stains on down jackets? Let the editor of the down factory introduce to you Down!

  Animal and vegetable oil stains are common stains on clothing, as well as liquid stains. Such stains should be removed by wiping or brushing with organic solutions such as solvent benzine and perchloroethylene. When brushing your teeth, use a towel or cotton cloth to absorb the dye solution in time to separate it from the surface of the clothing.

Avoid leaving some stains on the surface of the clothes after the solution evaporates, which will cause marks on the surface of the clothes. If marks appear, they can be removed by repeated rubbing or brushing over a larger area. You can also water the stains on your clothes and spray them off with a high-pressure spray gun.

  After the clothes are polluted by passive and vegetable oils, squeeze some toothpaste on the stains, rub them gently a few times, and then rub them with clean water to remove the oil stains.

  If the fur coat is turned over and stained with oil, sprinkle some raw flour on the oil stain, and then use a brown brush to brush along the fur until the oil stain is removed. Then, roughen the surface with rattan etc.

, to remove residual powder and make the plush fluffy and clean.

  Bread can remove oil stains on clothes: when eating, if clothes are stained with oil, you can use fresh white bread to gently knead, and the oil stains can be eliminated.

  The above is the introduction of the content of the solution to the oil stains on the down jacket, so this article is over here, thank you for reading!


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