Identification of down and feather species and their microstructure and characteristics


Recently, a customer left a message asking for knowledge about down and feather. Winter is coming, do you want to know if the clothes you buy are really down? Today, the editor will take everyone to understand the identification of down and feather species and their microstructure and characteristics.

At present, there are many down products on the market, and the quality is also uneven, but the main types are goose down and duck down.

There is no obvious difference in appearance between goose down and duck down, goose feather and duck feather, chicken feather, etc., but there are obvious differences in thermal performance. Goose down with the same content has better thermal insulation effect than duck down, and the market price is also higher. Therefore, the identification of duck and goose down has become an important item in the detection of down and feather. The relevant departments of our country have formulated a series of relevant standards, which provide a basis for the identification of goose and duck down species.

Duck and goose down exist in various forms. Feathers are divided into normal feathers and damaged feathers. Down mainly refers to down and down silk, and down is divided into down, immature down, similar down and damaged down. Basic introduction to feather species identification and microstructure and characteristics.

1. Definition and appearance of all kinds of wool and velvet

The inspection items for the content are: down, land poultry feather, different-color down, waterfowl feather flakes, duck feather (down) in goose feather (down), long wool flakes, down silk, feather silk, impurities and down content. Their definitions and appearances are introduced below.

1.1 Down: the general term for index down, immature down, similar down and damaged down

1.2 Pile: A single piece of velvet that falls off from the root of the velvet or flakes.

1.3 Feather silk: a single barn that falls off from the feather surface of a feather.

1.4 Feather: the soft feathers that grow on the whole body of ducks and geese.

The hair piece is divided into long hair piece and damaged hair piece.

Above, you have introduced the definitions and forms of various types of down. Do you understand all of them?


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