Introduction to the knowledge content of down


  In fact, the use of down is widely used in many occasions in our life. Many fabrics will choose it in the process of filling. Today we will explain to you some knowledge about down. Let the editor of Down Factory introduce it to you!

  The cashmere content of down jackets is generally more than 70%. After getting the down jacket, press it and release it. If the rebound is fast, it shows good bulkiness and high cashmere content.

Otherwise, the rebound is strong, and it feels heavy in the hand. Duck down is feathers that grow in the belly of ducks and turn into reed flowers. Feathers are called scales in down mills.

Since down is a kind of animal protein fiber, the spherical fiber is densely covered with thousands of small triangular pores, which exists as a small branch in the textile industry. Due to the high value of down, it is called "soft gold" in the textile industry. The prices of down and down processing companies with the same specification vary greatly.

  Down is divided into duck down and goose down. Under the same conditions, the warmth retention rate of goose down is slightly higher than that of duck down. It can shrink and expand with temperature changes, has the function of temperature adjustment, can absorb the hot air of the human body, and isolate the cold air from the outside.

Because duck feathers have two layers, the outer layer is called outer hair, and there is a layer of grease on the surface of the outer hair. Its function is to prevent the feathers inside from being wet by water when the duck goes into the water, and play a protective role; soft and comfortable: the down of geese and ducks is very light. The duvet made of goose and duck belly down is soft in texture, does not cause pressure, can promote blood circulation, and is easy to turn over.

  The above is the relevant introduction to the knowledge of down, so this article is over here, thank you for reading!


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