Is the different color velvet an impurity? Is white velvet better than different-color velvet?


Down Bedding is guaranteed not to bleach any down!

Many consumers often have such doubts when purchasing goose down quilts and goose down pillows: Why is there different-colored down? Is the different-colored goose down an impurity? Is the quality of the different-colored down inferior to that of white down?

Emotionally, people are more inclined to think that white is purer, so they have the illusion of better quality, and preconceivedly think that gray velvet is inferior, but it is not the case. The data analysis of the National Waterfowl Genetic Resources Gene Bank shows that there is no 100% pure white down in nature, and the different-colored down on geese and ducks is a natural imprint formed naturally (occasional colors are left by farmers for marking), and It is not a synonym for impurities and dirty things.

The production of different-colored velvet is due to the fact that white geese and ducks grow to 180 days. After many times of moulting, the down enters the mature stage. Just like people will grow white hair on their heads when they are old, geese and ducks will grow hair Gray, brown or black feather down.

The production of different-colored down means that geese and ducks have a longer growth cycle, and the longer the growth cycle, the larger the diameter of the down, and the stronger the warmth retention. Therefore, the white down with different-colored down is not only not dirty, but the quality of the down Generally higher than those down that look white.

In the existing American, European, and Japanese down standards, there is no assessment requirement for the content of different-colored down. The reason is that consumers in developed countries have a longer history of using down products, understand that different-color plush is a characteristic of natural down, and have a higher tolerance for different-color plush.

China's down standard originally required that the proportion of non-colored down should not exceed 1%, and the assessment of the content of different-colored down has been cancelled, which is also to guide the standards and consumers' perceptions to match those of developed countries.

Down is a natural raw material, and color deviation is normal. If you blindly pursue the perfection of pure white, you may only be able to achieve it through manual sorting or chemical bleaching.

Manually sorting out different-colored down is inefficient and expensive to sort, and down that has been bleached with chemicals does not have the luster of natural down, and feels hard and fragile. After long-term use, the bulkiness will decrease, and the durability of down will be greatly reduced. . Moreover, the bleached sewage containing chemicals contains a large amount of metals. Even if it is discharged after treatment, it will pollute the environment, which is not in line with the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development. The down bedding adheres to the concept of health and environmental protection, and does not use any bleach to cover up the different-colored down, so it can reach the high standard of baby-friendly level and cleanliness of 1000+, and it is guaranteed not to bleach any down!

If you find some suspected impurities on your duvet or down pillow, please understand that it is just a collection of small gray or black fluff of different colors, which will stand out slightly under the white light fabric.

If you press it lightly a few times, you will find that the black area disappears immediately and the fleece can no longer be seen from the fabric.


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