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  Down pillows and summer duvets have many advantages and are definitely a good choice in summer, but many people do not pay enough attention to this method during the whole process of cleaning and care, which leads to pilling of duvets and pillowcases , Wrinkling and other issues. So, how should duvet be washed? Next, let's talk about how to clean and care for the duvet with the editor of the down factory.

  Too much washing in the washing machine is prone to pilling and machine washing, which will cause the fabric to be rubbed by external forces from time to time.

The threads on the fabric fall easily from the surface, creating an actual effect similar to peach skin. This is what everyone usually refers to as pilling. Therefore, it is recommended to wash pillows and summer duvets by hand.

If washing by hand is inconvenient, you can step on it and use the strength of your whole body.

  In the condition of cleaning quilts and sheets, it does not have to be soaked or washed for too long. Since the summer duvet has good performance and can be immersed in water for a long time, the movement of the fabric threads in the water will increase, and the frictional resistance will also increase, which can easily cause more serious reasons.

The trend of fibers is mainly manifested in the fact that the fabric is easy to fluff and fuzz. After taking out the duvet, if you choose methods such as wringing out, equipment dehydration, etc., due to the high softness of the down, the cotton yarn is easy to fibrillate and form surface fluff. The result is fabric pilling and fuzzing problems.

The recommended method is to let it dry naturally after getting wet.

  Since down has good venting, moisture absorption and dyeing properties, it cannot be air-dried or exposed to high temperatures. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the mattress to shrink and fade.

Therefore, after cleaning, squeeze out the water and dry it in a relatively dry place with natural ventilation. Virtually all fabrics are not suitable for exposure to the sun.

  The above is how to clean and care for the down quilt compiled by the editor of the down factory. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

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