Talking about how to deal with the moldy problem of down jacket


  Many people have had this experience. The down jacket I bought has not been worn for a long time. Mold will grow after a long period of time, so when you maintain the down jacket, you must put the down jacket in a relatively dry place, which not only prolongs the service life of the down jacket, but also helps to maintain the warmth of the down jacket.

However, what should I do if the down jacket is moldy because I haven’t maintained it well? The editor of the down factory will explain to you below:

  1. Cotton down jacket

  You can rub a few mung bean sprouts repeatedly on the place with mildew spots, and then rinse them with clean water to remove the mildew spots.

  2. Down jacket made of woolen fabric

  You can put the clothes in the sun for a few hours first, and after drying, gently brush off the mildew spots with a brush. If the mold is caused by oil stains and sweat stains, you can use a soft brush dipped in some gasoline to repeatedly scrub the mildewed areas, then wipe it several times with a clean towel, and then dry it in a ventilated place.

  3. Down jacket with silk texture

  Just soak the clothes in water for a while, and then use a brush dipped in some detergent for down jackets to scrub.

  4. Leather PU down jacket

  You can use a towel dipped in some soapy water to wipe it repeatedly, rinse it with clean water immediately after decontamination, and then apply leather oil for maintenance after drying.

  5. Chemical fiber down jacket

  Use a brush dipped in some soapy water to scrub a few times, and then rinse with clean water to eliminate mildew.

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