Tell you the difference between duck down and goose down


Compared with duck down, goose down has large down, high hollowness, good bulkiness, excellent resilience, and stronger warmth retention. According to the authoritative test data of the China Down Industry Association, goose down is generally larger than duck down, and its bulkiness is 50% higher than that of duck down, so it has better thermal performance. Mr. Wang Dunzhou, vice president of China Animal Products Processing Research Association and director of Down Industry Committee, analyzed that both goose down and duck down have different grades. Even the lowest grade goose down is better than the highest grade duck down.

In addition, relevant experts also frankly admit that generally speaking, goose down is better than duck down in various indicators.

When talking about the difference between goose down and duck down, down experts pointed out that there are two aspects to the problem of duck down. One is that ducks like to eat insects in the water, so duck down generally has a fishy smell (the industry personnel call it“duck body odor”), in order to remove the odor, some processing factories even use deodorant in the process of decontamination and degreasing. Although the newly bought down jacket cannot smell, it will return to the smell after a few months, at least one year later. Dissipate naturally.

Goose is a herbivore, so goose down itself does not have the problem of odor at all, and the problem of environmental protection is guaranteed from the source of raw materials.

The biggest advantage of goose down is that it has no peculiar smell. People who are sensitive to odors are advised to use down products made of goose down. At present, the domestic medium and high-end products are mainly duck down-filled duvets, down pillows, and down mattresses. Because of their low price, they are very popular among consumers. .


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