The characteristics of duck down and the benefits of the duvet made of it


  Duck down is down made from duck down. About 75% of duck down comes from Iceland, and Icelandic duck down is considered to be of higher quality. Despite being one of the lighter materials known to man, it has special properties that make it a very strong insulating effect.

It is considered the best insulating material that can be used to make duvets and quilts. The down factory not only produces white duck down, but also down products such as white goose down. The following down factory mainly introduces the characteristics of duck down and the benefits of the duvet made of it:

  1. The unique characteristics of duck down

  There are good reasons why a duvet is so prized and why it is considered a good product.

This is because it has several characteristics:

  Fiber structure: The fibers of down are tangled together in a unique way.

  Softness: The softness is incredible, it's so soft that you feel like you're touching a cloud.

  Insulation: It has strong insulating and temperature regulating properties.

  Light: Duck down is very light. It naturally expands and holds large volumes of air while providing great thermal insulation.

  Compression resistance: it is very resistant to compression, ensuring that duvets made from it continue to retain their loft.

  It's hard to explain in words the incredible feel of a duvet. It's truly an incredible experience to hold and touch, it feels like it's from another world.

  Used as filling and insulation for duvets, they are lightweight and soft due to the properties of down.

Demand for these duvets far outstrips supply, as production of duvets is only around 4 tons per year. If all of these were used to make duvets, that would only amount to 4000-5000 duvets per year. As a result, duvets are considered out of stock and in short supply.

Because the duck down quilt is very washable, the price of the duvet made of it is relatively high. A duvet can run anywhere from $5 to $15,000, depending on size and a few other factors.

  Second, the benefits of duvet

  Because duvets are so light and soft, they provide a very good level of comfort for sleeping.

They help regulate the temperature around you, helping you stay cool when it's warm and cool when it's cold. Incredible comfort helps you sleep soundly throughout the night. People spend about a third of their lives sleeping, and getting a good night's sleep is one of the most important things people can do for health and longevity.

A good night's sleep is even considered essential for weight loss and metabolic health.

  Therefore, the high price of eiderdown quilts is justified. They can greatly improve your sleep, which can improve your health and improve your quality of life.

Consider the amount of money people spend on cars every day, even though it might be less than an hour a day. At the same time, people spend about 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Plus a high quality duvet will last longer than new.


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