The difference between duck down and goose down


  Down quilt is the product with the best thermal effect among pure natural materials. Duck down and goose down are common in our life, but the price difference between the two is very large. So what is the difference between them? So the editor specially launched a consultation and investigation on this , the analysis shows what are the differences or merits of duck down and goose down.

  The first obvious difference is the visual

  1. Compared with goose down, mature duck down has longer velvet filaments, larger velvet flowers, and higher comfort. The price of high-quality duck down is correspondingly higher.

  2. The duck down will be fuller than the goose down. Although the growth cycle of the goose is longer than that of the duck, its maturity is not as high as that of the duck.

  3. As we all know, bulkiness is an important indicator to measure the quality of down. Small rhomboids are evenly distributed on the barbs of goose down, but the rhomboids on duck down are larger and concentrated at the ends of the barbules, so goose down can generate a larger distance space, which can reflect Its bulkiness is stronger, and its warmth retention is not as good as that of duck down.

  4. Compared with duck feathers, goose feathers have better curvature, are light and slender, and have stronger softness and resilience. Like when we choose a down jacket in a shopping mall, press the fluffy down jacket lightly and then release it, and you will find that it can recover instantly In its original state, the down quickly bounced back, which shows that the bulkiness and resilience of this down is not bad.

  Second, the difference in production

  As I mentioned just now, the growth cycle of geese will be relatively long, so goose down will only be produced once a year, while duck down can be produced up to three seasons a year, and the amount of down produced by each goose is relatively small. From the perspective of breeding costs Look, it also determines that the price of goose down will be much higher than that of duck down. But now many merchants on the market start to use hormone feeding to accelerate the maturation of geese. This feeding method will increase the oil content of geese, which is manifested in heavy smell and small velvet flowers, and the fluffiness and resilience are also greatly reduced. Those cheap duvets on the market may use different feeding methods, resulting in poor warmth retention.

  That's all for now, thanks for reading.


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