The down factory teaches you to identify the quality of down from many aspects


  Down products have natural properties such as lightness, warmth, fluffiness, and softness, and are increasingly used in household consumer goods. The demand in the international market is increasing year by year, and the price is also rising. my country's vast territory, well-developed water network and abundant waterfowl resources provide unique conditions for the development of the down industry, and it has become the world's main producer of down and down and its products. The down factory said that the identification of down products should be analyzed from the aspects of down quality, fabric, accessories and workmanship.

  Down quality: high-quality down jacket filling materials are all made of duck and goose down. After strong washing and disinfection, they should meet four indicators according to national standards:

  1. Transparency: The velvet content should reach 50%, 250 degrees or higher. The velvet content should reach 70%, 300 degrees or higher.

  2. Residual fat ratio: less than 15%.

  3. Fluffiness: 350-400.

  4. Oxygen value (oxygen consumption index): below 10.

  No impurities, no peculiar smell, white as snow.

It consists of 50% pile-like dandelions, and the other half is a thin 2-inch-long wig with specific gauges and limited hair stems to support the pile and accentuate the pouffe.

  Fabric: The high-quality down jacket fabric is made of high-density anti-flannel fabric above 250T, nylon silk or high-density nylon satin to prevent the fluff from being pierced. Look at the thickness of the fabric.

The thick one is dense; the second is to pat with your hands to eliminate fluff. Three, you can grab a piece of clothing and give it a good rub. There is no fine fluff, and the fabric density can be judged as 250T.

From left to right, the finish is bright, smooth and even. Poor fabrics and runny hair get worse after washing.

  Accessories: High-quality down jacket with chemical lining, high-quality nylon zippers, copper buttons, most with trademark symbols.

Inferior products are paper linings, and zippers and buttons are common products.

  Workmanship: High-quality products with good and even stitch count, no broken threads or skipped stitches. The stitching is delicate and neat, and the inlay, inlay and rolling process is crisp and straight, without twisting or unevenness.

Inferior products have rough surfaces and uneven seams. Quality issues become an issue as the original part that keeps passing through the pinhole gets longer and longer.


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