Washing and maintenance of duvet - silk duvet


Silk duvets are light and warm and are loved by many consumers, but most people don't know how to properly clean and maintain silk duvets. Today, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to the cleaning and maintenance methods of silk duvets, so that you can avoid misunderstandings in cleaning.

How to wash silk duvet

The quilt core of the silk duvet is not allowed to be washed or dry-cleaned as much as possible. If the quilt core fabric is accidentally stained, it can be scrubbed with a little water and slowly ironed with a low-temperature iron pad. But be careful not to leave the washed part for a long time exposure to heat.

Routine cleaning for silk duvets should only be done by washing the outer duvet cover. If necessary, the inner duvet cover can be removed for laundering after carefully trimming the staples on the surface of the duvet core. However, this operation should not be carried out hastily, and should be completed by skilled personnel or by factory personnel to avoid damage.

How to maintain silk duvet during use

1. Please put on a moderately sized quilt cover when using, and do not run or jump on the quilt core to avoid deformation of the quilt core, especially to prevent children from wetting the bed on the quilt core.

2. Silk duvets should be dried at intervals, but remember to expose them to the sun.

Maintenance of silk duvet after use

Cover quilt cover: Use the quilt cover outside the silk duvet to prevent dust from entering, so keep the silk duvet clean and only wash the quilt cover each time.

Cleaning: The silk duvet itself cannot be washed. If it is contaminated with stains and must be washed, it can be partially cleaned with a special detergent. When washing the duvet cover, use cold water and dry it at low temperature to prevent the fabric from shrinking. Regularly take the silk duvet outdoors to ventilate and dry it to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. It should not exceed 1 hour each time, so that the moisture accumulated in the silk duvet can evaporate and restore softness and elasticity.

Ways to Extend a Silk Duvet

1. Avoid dust, the environment should be clean, and the silk duvet should be covered with dark fabric to avoid dust and yellowing.

Dust will contaminate the silk duvet when it encounters moisture, which is not easy to clean.

2. Avoid moisture, put it in a ventilated and cool place, do not put it in a plastic bag, in case the moisture cannot be released, which will cause the silk duvet to be damp, heavy, smelly, not warm, and lose its elasticity.

3. Avoid high temperature and strong light. Long-term placement under high temperature or strong light will cause the silk and down fibers to become brittle and easy to break, and the silk duvet will fade.

4. Avoid heavy pressure. Do not place heavy objects on the folded silk duvet. When storing for a long time, change the folding position frequently to prevent the silk at the crease from breaking. In addition, the silk duvet must avoid direct contact with sharp and hard objects.

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