What are the cleaning precautions for down pillows?


  The comfort of down pillows must be better than other types of pillows. I believe that many friends are familiar with down pillows, so do you know what are the precautions for cleaning down pillows? Let the small down factory Let me introduce you!

  1. Take off the pillowcase. If the pillow has a protective cover (a pillowcase with a zipper and padding), take it off.

  2. Check the pillow for holes or cracks.

Remember to check the stitches. If there are holes or cracks, sew them up.

  3. Put the two pillows into the washing machine to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed in the washing machine.

【1】If you can't put the pillow into the washing bucket, first squeeze out the air inside the pillow. 【2】Try not to use the pulsator washing machine, because turning the washing pulsator may damage the pillow. If you don't have a drum washing machine at home, you can consider a laundry.

There should be a front load washing machine for your use.

  If you can only use a top-loading washing machine, put the pillow vertically, not horizontally. This way the pillow won't get caught in the pulsator.

  4. Pour the low-foaming detergent into the detergent box. Use less dish soap than usual to avoid buildup on the pillow. Try to use laundry detergent instead of washing powder.

Washing powder is easy to accumulate residues, irritate the skin, and cause allergies. Pillows are bulky and difficult to rinse. The amount of detergent is less, there is less residue, and it does not need to be rinsed too many times.

  5. Set the washing machine to the "gentle wash" program. Try to use hot water as this will help kill any dust mites that may be hiding in the pillow. However, hot water can also damage down.

If this is a concern, use lukewarm or cold water.

  The above five points are aimed at the content of the cleaning of down pillows, so this article is over here, thank you for reading!


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