What are the collection and processing methods of feathers and down


  The feathers on the body, neck, tail, and wings of geese and ducks, as well as the fluff on the abdomen and back, can be processed, sterilized and sterilized to make down and feathers that are soft, elastic, warm, and cold-proof. Its economic benefit is quite high. The editor of the down factory below introduces the collection and processing methods of feathers and down.

  1. Collection of down and feathers: There are two methods of manual collection. One is wet pulling. Boil the slaughtered geese and ducks in boiling water at about 70°C for 2-3 minutes, and then pull them out.

Remember, the water temperature should not be too hot and the burn time should not be too long, so as not to curl, shrink and darken the fur. The second method is to slaughter geese and ducks, then pull them dry, and grab the hair. The body temperature has been dropped to maintain the original color and quality.

  2. Cleaning and storage: The collected feathers should be cleaned and disposed of in time. Otherwise, it will be prone to discoloration, mold and rot. How to clean: Wash the collected wet and dry feathers once or twice with warm water to remove dust, dirt and grime.

Then spread it thinly on the mat and let it dry in the sun. It can be covered with black or emery cloth to keep the wind out. After drying, pack in muslin bags, tie tightly, and store in a well-ventilated, dry place for post-processing.

  3. Treatment: Use soapy water at 60-70°C, add a small amount of soda powder for washing and degreasing, and rinse with water after washing. Be careful not to make the water temperature too high or too high. After washing, please dry it in time.

Place the cleaned and defatted feathers in a muslin bag and tie it to the steamer drawer. When the water boils, put it in the basket. Steam for 30 to 40 minutes, remove and steam again.

Do the same thing the next day. Place the sterilized feathers in muslin bags and dry them in the sun.

  Processed feathers and feathers can be used for quilts, clothing and pillows.

As quilt filling, combinations of 3 feathers and 7 feathers can be used. Feathers are commonly used as clothing fillers. As pillow stuffing, 6 feathers and 4 feathers can be mixed.


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