What are the development trends of the home in the future?


  Down manufacturers are specialized in the production of down. There are many manufacturers specializing in down production in the market. Today we will explain to you what the future development trends of down manufacturers are. Let the editor of the down factory be You introduce!

  Down bedding and clothing are deeply loved by consumers in cold regions at home and abroad because of their special advantages such as lightness, softness, and good warmth retention. Although some markets for down wholesale products have slowed down and declined due to the impact of bird flu, the market demand has not. No major changes have taken place. In the long run, the demand in the international market is still strong. As the down products industry is a labor-intensive industry, the advantages of my country's export enterprises are relatively significant.

  Under the situation that the export of down products in my country is growing steadily year by year, the quality requirements of down products in many countries and regions in the world have become increasingly strict in recent years. Exports, and product structural contradictions are still relatively prominent, high value-added products still need to vigorously develop. As far as down clothing is concerned, the phenomenon of similar styles, colors, fabrics, etc. is still relatively serious, and the structural deficiency of my country's down clothing in the mass fashion and high-end markets is still obvious.

  In addition to the high-end market of down clothing that needs to be improved, the mass market should also increase innovation according to the different needs of consumers, according to grades, ages, and regional temperatures. According to the trend of fashion, sports, leisure, and functionality, brand enterprises Carry out independent innovation and development for the main body, in terms of diversification of colors, fabrics, and filling materials, in terms of improving fashion and functional selling points, in adapting to climate change and fashion trends, making products thinner, wrinkle-resistant, waterproof, breathable, and environmentally friendly In terms of the use of high-tech fabrics and the application of new technologies to promote the innovation level of down garment products, my country's enterprises are facing the stage of "making great achievements". The production of diversified and high value-added products will further meet the needs of overseas consumers, and will also provide a broader development space for down jacket export enterprises.

  The above is the content introduction for the future development trend of down manufacturers, so this article is over here, thank you for reading!


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