What are the reasons for the discoloration of down jackets?


  The use of down jackets is very common in our lives. I believe that many friends wear down jackets in winter, so do you know what are the reasons for the fading of down jackets? Let the editor of the down factory be You introduce!

  Partial coating of down jacket discoloration. For example, a brown down jacket partially turns green. After testing, it was found that the metal content in the coating was very high, especially the copper content was very high.

When copper reacts with oxygen, carbon dioxide and water in the air, it produces basic copper carbonate, also known as patina. Therefore, if the coating has a high metal content, it is easy to cause oxidative discoloration of the coating.

  The product will change color while it is in the warehouse.

For example, the yellow phenomenon of black down jackets, after testing, it was found that the coated fabrics contained a large amount of organic volatiles such as toluene and phenolic formaldehyde. As VOCs accumulate, fabrics oxidize and yellow. However, the down jacket can change back to its original color after washing, but it will turn yellow again after a period of time.

But if it is dry-cleaned, it will not turn yellow again, mainly because the dry-cleaning agent reacts with organic volatiles, so it will not turn yellow.

  In addition, when the surface of the down jacket is coated and printed, and the back is coated, it may appear during storage. The oxidation of the surface dye will cause the reverse coating to appear through the fabric, so the anti-oxidative discoloration of the coated fabric should also be paid attention to.

  The above is the introduction to the discoloration of down jackets, so this article is over here, thank you for reading!


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