What are the tips for buying down jackets?


  The use of down jackets in winter is actually very common. I believe that many friends are familiar with down jackets, so do you know what skills are there in the process of purchasing down jackets? Let the editor of the down factory introduce you Down!

  Take a look to see if there is a product quality label, if there is a manufacturer's name, if there is any wool filling, wool content, filling amount, fabric and lining ingredients.

  Second press, relax the product, let it recover naturally for 3 minutes, then press the product with your hands, and then release your hand to see if the product can rebound quickly and return to its original state. If they don't rebound or rebound slowly, it means the filling material is poor quality.

If there is no stretch at all, the filling material is probably chicken feathers or other long-haired pieces of hair rather than down.

  Three-touch, pinch with your hands, test its softness, whether there are complete small pieces of hair or long pieces of hair that are too big and too thick, quills, etc. If it feels soft and has intact small pieces, it is genuine.

If there is a long and thick woolen piece, it feels soft but has poor resilience, so it will soften the woolen piece instead of down. If it feels soft to the touch but has a short, stubby shaft, it's broken hair. This type of clothing has no insulating properties.

  Take four shots and pat the product vigorously to see if there is any dust overflowing. If there is no dust overflow, it is a good product; if there is dust overflow, it is a product made of broken hair or gray sofa, which is generally not suitable for wearing.

  Knead five times and knead the product with both hands down to see if there is any fluff coming out.

If there is plush coming out, the fabric is not suede.

  Six flavors, close the product with your nose, take a few deep breaths, and compare it with ordinary fabrics to see if there is any peculiar smell or smell. No smell is better, if there is an obvious smell, don't wear it.

  Seventh, weigh the weight of down products by hand, and look at the size at the same time. The lighter the weight, the bigger the volume is the better product. The same weight, if the cashmere content is 30%, the volume is more than twice that of cotton; if the cashmere content exceeds 70%, its volume is more than twice that of cotton.

  The above seven points are aimed at the content introduction of down jacket purchase skills, so this article is over here, thank you for reading!


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