What is Down Fill?


Filling power (FILLING POWER, FP for short) is an important index to measure the warmth retention of down products in the world, reflecting the space filling ability of down, that is, the ability of quantitative down to maintain the maximum volume under a certain pressure. The higher the loft of the down, the greater the volume of the same weight of down.

At present, the most commonly used measurement unit of bulk degree in the world is in³/30g (that is, cuin-American standard), refers to the cubic inch value of the volume occupied by every 30g of down under limited conditions.

If the space occupied by one ounce of down is 600 cubic inches, the bulkiness of the down is said to be 600in³/30g. The unit of the national standard for the bulkiness of down is cm, and the conversion relationship with the American Standard and the Japanese Standard is as follows:

Visually speaking, which one is bigger, one kilogram of cotton or one kilogram of iron? Because cotton is soft and has gaps to store more air, of course it is bigger in its natural state! The same is true for goose down, because it has the same volume and the same grade. The better quality goose down has higher fluffiness and can store more air.

What is the benefit of being more fluffy? The answer is that when the three indicators of filling, down content and down filling are exactly the same, the higher the bulkiness of the down product, the more air it will retain, and the warmth retention and return will be improved. The more flexible the better.

Goose down with high bulkiness has larger velvet, and the gaps between the velvet fibers are larger, and the air in these gaps forms an insulating layer, which is the principle of heat insulation.——The velvet of goose down has unique three-dimensional spherical fibers. These gaps can store air and form a natural thermal insulation convection layer with the outside air. When people sweat while sleeping, the goose down quilt can effectively absorb the sweat and evaporate it. The quilt itself is still dry and refreshing, which creates a constant temperature, breathable and dry sleeping environment. The duvet with good resilience can quickly rebound and return to its original shape after being laid flat.

There are many factors that affect the bulkiness. In addition to the quality of the raw material itself, the processing technology, storage time, pressure, temperature, and air humidity may all affect the bulkiness. In order to maintain the bulkiness of high-quality down, the down bedding adopts deep water washing technology to reduce washing damage, precisely controls 130°C drying and sterilization, and uses ecological, breathable and environmentally friendly packaging certified by the green dot of the DSD system environmental protection certificate to avoid packaging and transportation. Moisture and pressure conditions. Loftiness is the most important criterion for measuring the quality of goose down. It cannot be faked scientifically and objectively. Therefore, we should pay special attention to this parameter when choosing down products.

Generally speaking, down with a bulkiness of 800+ is close to the down used in luxury-grade down jackets.


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