What is the difference between duck down and goose down?


The same is down, what is the difference between duck down and goose down, what is the difference between the two? Some down jackets and duvets are marked with duck down or goose down on the label, and the best capacity is 90% or 95%. Today, the down editor will share with you the gap between duck down and goose down.

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Goose down is bigger and fuller than duck down, because the growth period of goose is at least 100 days to maturity, while that of duck is only 40 days. The longer the growth cycle, the longer the down, the bigger and more full.

About bulk

Small rhombus nodes are evenly distributed on the barbs of goose down, while the rhomboid nodes on duck down are larger and concentrated at the ends of small barbs, so goose down can produce a larger distance space and better fluffiness. Warmth is stronger.

goose down

duck down

about the smell

Goose is herbivorous and duck is omnivorous, so the peculiar smell of goose down will be much smaller, and there is basically no peculiar smell after treatment, while duck down is more or less a little bit. Of course, if there is a pungent smell, it is the quality of the down itself.

To sum up, everyone should understand why the price of goose down is more expensive than duck down, so those who buy goose down quilts and duck down quilts, don’t be surprised why there is such a big price difference between the two. The price of the product depends on its value.

With the increasing consumption level, duvets have gradually become people's new favorites because of their lightness and warmth. However, the editor warmly reminds everyone to keep their eyes open in the process of choosing duvets. For more information about down and duvet products and prices, please call the national free consultation hotline: 400-000-5908

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