What is the difference between duck down and goose down?


  Down can be divided into duck down and goose down. I believe that many friends must be familiar with duck down and goose down. So do you know the specific differences between the two? How should we distinguish which down jacket is made of? What about it? Let the editor of the down factory introduce it to you!

  1. Comparison of smell

  We know that ducks are omnivores and can be used as food for ducks, whether it is roughage or green feed, insects, earthworms, fish and shrimp, etc. Because the food contains a lot of fat, duck down contains a lot of oil, and generally has a fishy smell, which is called "fatty smell" or "duck body odor" in the industry.

  The feed of geese is mainly plants, common weeds and aquatic plants can be eaten by geese.

Therefore, goose down has very little oil content and almost no peculiar smell.

  Smell has always been the focus of comparison between goose down and duck down, but it is wrong to say that duck down is heavier than goose down. Yao Xiaoman, secretary-general of the China Down Industry Association, said: "The production and processing techniques of goose down and duck down are the same.

The goose down and duck down that meet the standards are odorless and harmless, while the goose down and duck down that have peculiar smell are not up to the standard. "

  Second, fluffy comparison

  The ratio of down flowers to down silk will affect the loft of down. The higher the down ratio, the better the loft and the better the down quality.

On the contrary, the higher the proportion of velvet, the worse the bulkiness. The size of the feather flowers also affects the loft of the down. The larger the flock, the higher the fluff.

Conversely, the smaller the pile, the lower the loft and the lower the down quality. The moisture content in down, i.e. how dry it is, also affects loft. The bulkiness of dry down is better than that of dry down, and the oxygen consumption index of down will also affect the bulkiness of down.

  The above is the introduction of the difference between duck down and goose down, so this article is over here, thank you for reading!


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