What is the difference between velvet content and velvet content?



█ What is the difference between down content and down content?


Down: down, immature down, similar down, damaged down;

Velvet: a single velvet that falls off from the root of down or flakes;

Down content: the content percentage of down and down silk in feather down;

Down content: the content of down in feather down.

Standard requirements: GB/T 14272-2011 "Down garments"

        According to the standard, the cashmere content of finished clothing should not be less than 50%. Down content and down content directly affect the warmth retention of down clothing, and also affect the bulkiness.

In the case of a certain weight of the filling, the higher the fleece content, the better the warmth retention.

        According to the cashmere content, there are ten grades from 50% to 95%, and one grade is jumped according to 5% (50%, 55%, 60%, 65%, 70%&, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%).

█ What is "lint content"? A new analysis of the difference from the previous "down content"!

    In the past, the filling of down (feather) quilts would be marked by "down content", which is familiar to most consumers. In the past two years, we will find that the "down content" of down products has been replaced by "down content". sub-content".

Many consumers do not understand the concept of "velvet content", and many misunderstandings and confusions have occurred during the purchase process~

        Next, let's take a closer look at the reasons for changing from "down content" to "down content".

        Let's first review the explanation of "down content": the down content is the proportion of down content in the down, and it is generally expressed in the form of a percentage. In the past, if a duvet was marked with "80% down content", then this data indicates that the content of down is 80%, and the content of feathers accounts for 20%.

But the down in it is the content that contains "velvet flowers" + "velvet silk". Velvet refers to the individual strands that come off from the root of down or flakes.

        Some unscrupulous traders may take advantage of the loopholes and add a large amount of velvet to the filling. Although it seems that the velvet content is high on the surface, compared with the large velvet, the thermal performance of the fine velvet is much worse. It is also easy to drill down.

        In order to prevent such a situation from happening, the down product standard QB/T1193-2012 down quilt changed the label of down content to "down content", stipulating that down quilts with a down content of 50%-95% in finished products, down quilts, etc. The allowable deviation of the content is -5.0%. For example, for a duvet whose down content is marked as 90%, its real down content must be above 85%. If it is lower than 85%, it does not meet the standard requirements. The national standard for down jackets GB/T14272-2011 stipulates that the proportion of down in the finished product should be greater than 90% of the total down. The content should reach 72.0%, so in the clothing standard, sometimes the cashmere content reaches the standard, but the cashmere content does not meet the standard.

        The picture below is an enlarged picture of a single velvet. We can find that a complete velvet is in a divergent spherical state. This shape is conducive to the storage of air, which means better thermal performance.

        Therefore, the velvet content in the new regulations refers to the content of each velvet flower, not including velvet. This marking method is more direct and transparent, and it also allows consumers to choose real materials.

        In addition, consumers are often puzzled by the names of the complicated down and feather products. Down and feathers are foolishly unclear. Today we will carefully interpret the meanings of various names, and you must look clearly when you buy next time. ~!

Down quilt (pillow) down quilt:

The stuffing is 100% down, and the down content is greater than or equal to 50% quilt products.

Feather quilt (pillow) feather quilt:

The stuffing is 100% down and feather, and the down content is less than 50% quilt products.

Mixed duvet (pillow) mixed down quilt:

The filling component is a mixture of down feathers and other fibers, in which the proportion of down feathers is greater than or equal to 50%, and the content of down feathers in the down feathers is greater than or equal to 50%.

Mixed feather quilt (pillow) mixed feather quilt:

The filling composition is a mixture of down feathers and other fibers, wherein the proportion of down feathers is greater than or equal to 50%. Quilt products with a down content of less than 50% in down and feathers.

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