What is the use of down sleeping bags in the maintenance process?


  The use of down has a very common application in many clothes in our life. Today we will explain to you what are the contents of the maintenance of down sleeping bags in use? Let the editor of the down factory introduce to you Down!

  1. Windproof and moistureproof

  In the wild, a windproof tent can provide a warm sleeping environment. When choosing a camp, do not choose the bottom of the valley where cold air gathers, and try to avoid ridges or valleys that are subject to strong winds. A good moisture-proof pad can effectively separate the sleeping bag from the cold and wet ground, and two ordinary moisture-proof pads are needed in the snow.

  2. Keep the sleeping bag dry

  The moisture absorbed by the sleeping bag is not mainly from the outside world, but from the human body. Even in extremely cold conditions, the human body excretes at least a small glass of water during sleep. If the sleeping bag is used for many days in a row, dry it in the sun.

  3. Travel friends are using new sleeping bags. Because of the crowding, the bulkiness and heat insulation of the sleeping bags will be slightly worse. Tents should be pitched and sleeping bags spread out to fluff them before use.

  4. Wear more clothes

  Some sleeping bags can also be used as thick pajamas.

Filling the gap between the person and the sleeping bag can also enhance the warmth of the sleeping bag.

  5. Warm up before going to bed

  The human body is the heat source for the sleeping bag. If you do a short warm-up exercise or drink a cup of hot drink before going to bed, your body temperature will be slightly raised, which will help shorten the warm-up time of the sleeping bag.

  The above five points are aimed at the introduction of the maintenance content in the use of down sleeping bags, so this article is over here, thank you for reading!

  The above five points are the introduction to the use of down sleeping bags, so this article is over here, thank you for reading!


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