What tips do you know about cleaning and maintenance of down products


Cleaning of down products: Use neutral detergent to clean down jackets, do not use strong detergents, bleaches and fabric softeners, soak for a short period of time before washing, and gently clean the neckline, cuffs and other easy-to-dirty parts with a soft brush. Machine wash. Close and fasten all zippers before washing with washer on warm and gentle cycle. Do not use the spin function, the strong centrifugal force will damage the down jacket fabric or stand-up lining, rinse the detergent and foam thoroughly.

Down Wholesale Products Washing too often can damage the insulating medium of the down jacket, so please minimize the number of washes while keeping it clean.

Drying of down jackets: Down jackets are suitable for drying in a ventilated and dry environment, avoiding strong direct sunlight, ultraviolet rays will damage the surface. You can use a dryer with a larger capacity to keep it dry at low temperatures.

The down jacket has plenty of room to turn. After drying, continue to shake the down jacket, gently pat the down folds to fully stretch the down and restore it to its original shape, and then put it in the closet.

Storage of down jackets: For daily storage, please try to choose a dry and cool environment, and keep the down jackets clean.

Some brands (such as Dragon Bird) will give you a compression bag and down jacket, but it is recommended for temporary use only, do not compress. Stored in a bag, prolonged compression can cause the down or insulation to lose its elasticity and reduce thermal performance. If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to tidy the down jacket once in a while, so that the down jacket can be fully stretched and air-dried.

The use of down jacket:

Down manufacturers say that long-term compressed storage will reduce the bulkiness of down jackets. At this time, you can wear it on your body or hang it up and pat it gently to restore the fluffy feeling of the down jacket. When wearing a down jacket, please keep away from sources of fire, especially near campfires in the wild.

Watch out for sparks. If the down accidentally falls out of the seam, don't pull it too hard, because the best down jacket is made of high-quality down, which is smaller. If it's too big, pulling it too tightly can destroy the fabric's lint resistance.

The correct method is to pass the down through the fabric in the opposite direction and then pull the down back into the fabric. Some people are allergic to down. If you have allergies, please stop wearing down jackets and seek medical advice in time.

Some down jackets are waterproof or waterproof. Functional fabrics, but considering the characteristics of down jackets mainly for solid water (snow, ice), there is no glue at the seams of down jackets, so they cannot be completely waterproof. Therefore, in moderate to heavy rain, do not wear down jackets directly.

There are small holes in the down jacket. You can find a nail polish of the same color as the down jacket or lightly apply a layer of colorless nail polish, the hole will be sealed and the down will not come out.


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