Which is better, goose down or duck down?


When consumers choose to buy down products, they are always wondering whether to buy goose down or not. Or should I buy duck down? Consumers want to buy high-quality products while spending money. Today, the editor of Home Textiles will take out 30 years of experience in down products to discuss with you whether duck down or goose down is better.

Regarding the odor of down feathers.

Generally speaking, goose down quilts have no smell, but duck down quilts may have a slight duck smell, because ducks are omnivores and eat small fish, shrimps, earthworms and so on, so there will be a little fishy smell. But if the fishy smell is very strong or has a pungent smell, then it is very likely that the manufacturer has used chemical additives, low-quality raw materials, and the down is not washed enough times to achieve the cleanliness it should be. In such cases, please be careful when buying. .

Compared with duck down, goose down has large velvet, high hollowness, good bulkiness, excellent resilience, and stronger warmth retention.

According to the authoritative test data of the China Down Industry Association, goose down is generally larger than duck down, and its bulkiness is 50% higher than that of duck down, so it has better thermal performance. Mr. Wang Dunzhou, vice president of China Animal Products Processing Research Association and director of Down Industry Committee, analyzed that both goose down and duck down have different grades. Even the lowest grade goose down is warmer than the highest grade duck down.

After the above analysis by the editor, do you already have the answer in your heart whether goose down or duck down is better? Down business standard national standard down: duck down, goose down, hanging down, etc. For more information about down products, please click:http://www.lufeng88.com/Free Hotline: 400-000-5908

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