White duck down and gray duck down


Most people think that the quality of white duck down is better than that of gray duck down. In fact, it is not the case. The cold and warm performance of the two depends on the processing technology. As long as the technology is proper, there is no difference. The only difference in application is that when the color of some down jacket fabrics is light, and the number of layers of inner tank materials is not superimposed, in order to avoid the color of the filling material from showing, white duck down is preferred. Duvets made from very creamy fabrics often use white duck down to avoid looking gray.

But if the gallbladder cloth is thicker or double-layer gallbladder cloth, there is no need to consider this problem at all. Is white duck down more expensive than gray duck down? More breathable? White cashmere of the same quality is more expensive than gray cashmere because of its high cost. In southern China, most of them are lake duck down, and they are all cool gray hair.

The total number of white ducks is very small compared with gray ducks. Of course, the output of white duck down is small, and the price is of course expensive. But when it comes to breathability, it's all the same! It's just a marketing method planned by the store! In short, no one can see clearly inside! You are unlikely to see a person and say that I am wearing a white duck down jacket! It is unlikely that others will say that your gray duck down jacket is so beautiful! So when you buy a down jacket, you don't need to consider whether the stuffing is white duck down or gray duck down.

In addition, some customers found that the clothing labels in their hands were marked with gray duck down, while the clothing labels on the webpage were indeed white duck down. Then, there is a big difference between white duck down and gray duck down: color selection. When we fill down jackets, in order to make the overall appearance elegant and opaque, the light-colored down jackets will be filled with white duck down, while the dark brown down jackets will be filled with gray duck down.

But a piece of clothing and trousers generally have multiple colors, so what appears on the clothing label on the webpage will be inconsistent with the down jacket you bought in practice. The above is the explanation and comparison of the thermal performance of white duck down. Thank you for watching, and I will bring you other related product knowledge next time! .

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