White goose down, gray goose down, white duck down, gray duck down which kind of down is better?


I believe that many friends have this confusion. Some time ago someone asked you this question. You should know that the thermal performance will not change with the color, but the price of white goose down on the market is higher than that of gray goose down.

The quality of down quilts depends on the thermal performance of down. Jun has been a down expert for decades, what is the difference between them?

Why is white goose down more expensive than gray goose down

In essence, the quality of white goose down and gray goose down is the same, only the color difference exists. Why is there such a big price difference between them? It turns out that white goose down is suitable for many fabrics because of its light color, while gray goose down is suitable for dark fabrics, so the demand for gray goose down is small, so the price is low.

If there is a different color, it means that yours is not bleached velvet

For the black and gray goose down in the white goose down quilt, many customers expressed incomprehension, thinking that this means that the quality is not good. In fact, you are wrong. If there is different color down in it, as long as the amount is not large (less than 1% of the national standard) ), it means that what you bought is not bleached velvet.

There is a difference between white duck down and gray duck down

Here I want to tell everyone that although there is not much difference between white goose down and gray goose down, there are still differences between white duck down and gray duck down. Under normal circumstances, white duck down has a lighter smell than gray duck down and has better warmth retention. Therefore, white duck down is generally used for duck down quilts, which is worth noting.

If you want to buy high-quality down quilts, then I suggest you buy goose down quilts. The reason is that relatively speaking, it is better in warmth retention, while duck down has a strong smell and relatively low fluffiness. The main reason is that ducks are omnivores and they are bred The cycle is short, so the price determines the quality.


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