Why can't down jackets be washed in the washing machine?


  When the down jacket is stained with stains, we usually choose to wash it by hand instead of using a washing machine to clean the down jacket. Do you know why? Let the editor of the down factory introduce it to you!

  1. The outer layer of down jackets generally has a waterproof coating, resulting in poor air permeability and easy to float on the water surface during washing. After being completely soaked in water during the washing process, the down filled in it will gather together again, resulting in large gaps in the down jacket. When drying at high speed, the down that has been soaked with water before will continue to expand after dehydration, and air will be generated in the down jacket. The waterproof coating is not conducive to the discharge of gas, so that the down jacket will continue to expand and fully support the washing machine, which may cause "explosion"

  2. In addition, during the drying process, the down jacket and the inner wall of the washing machine will generate static electricity, and the large amount of heat generated by the static electricity will explode in a short time, which may cause a similar "explosion" phenomenon.

  3. In addition, because the outer layer of the down jacket has a waterproof coating, it is difficult to drain the water in the clothes. If the down jacket is out of balance during the drying process, the high-speed rotation will also cause the dehydration bucket to collide violently from left to right, resulting in an "explosion" phenomenon.

  4. In addition to the relationship between the washing machine and the clothes, the explosion of the washing machine may also come from the problem of the washing machine itself, or the biogas generated by the sealing of the washing machine's sewer pipe will explode instantly under the action of static electricity.

  The above four points are aimed at the introduction of the washing machine for down jackets, so this article is over here, thank you for reading!


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