Why choose goose down for duvet?


We know that down quilts are the lightest and warmest quilt cores. The same is true for down quilts. Some are marked with duck down, while others are marked with goose down. What is the difference between the two? Why do prices vary so much?

50% more loft, more warmth

An important indicator to measure the quality of down is the bulkiness. The bulkiness is mainly due to the size and size of the pompom. Compared with mature goose down and duck down, goose down has long filaments and large fluff, so it has higher fluffiness and comfort, so the quality is better and the price is relatively expensive.

The authoritative test data of the China Down Industry Association shows that the down of goose down is generally larger than that of duck down, and the bulkiness is 50% higher than that of duck down, so the thermal performance is better, and of course the price is higher.

The growth cycle is twice as long and more warm

We may not know that the growth period of geese is at least 100 days to maturity, and that of ducks is 40 days, so the down flowers of geese are fuller than those of ducks. Generally, we will compare 1 gram of velvet to see who occupies a larger area, indicating that her fluffiness is better; but now some merchants tend to shorten the growth period.

The structure of down is different, and the rebound is good

Small rhombus nodes are evenly distributed on the barbs of goose down, while the rhomboid nodes on duck down are larger and concentrated at the ends of small barbs, so goose down can produce a larger distance space and better fluffiness. At the same time, the elasticity of goose down is also greater than that of duck down. You can compare the difference between the two.

Goose down has no peculiar smell and sleeps more peacefully

Many people will say, why duck down has a fishy smell, this is a normal phenomenon! Because geese are herbivores and ducks are omnivores, goose down has little peculiar smell, while duck down has a common smell, especially if the weather is humid or the duck is used before it reaches maturity, the smell will be heavier.


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